Five Medals 2017 part 2

Five Medals is a fun way to converse with many different people. It is also a great place to practice different photography styles. I tried some candid “street shots”, just taking pictures of whatever caught my eye. I also interacted with people more before taking pictures.  While I enjoyed talking and learning a lot of new stories, I often forgot to take the pictures after!  Oh well, I guess I still have a lot to learn.

If you are interested in going next year, the tentative dates are October 20-21!

Five Medals 2017 (Part 1)

The weather was perfect for this year’s Gathering at Five Medals.  I appreciated the time each person took to tell their story of life in the Midwest between the 1660s and the early 1800s.

I  talked with a spinner who explained what she was doing and said she loves the chance to relax and spin while her children did chores or read out loud.  I learned about caning chairs.  We were instructed on how to make birch wood homes and how easy they were to pack up and move. My favorite though was a little boy who told Megan, “We just slept here all night, we are not really Indians”.