Rainy Day Idea

Are you tired of the rain?  Instead of singing your favorite rainy day song  or dreaming that the rain was snow, take my kid’s advice and go play in it!  Have fun!

When you come in, cold and wet, remember you are soaking wet and do not get your Momma’s floor all dirty and wet! Take a long hot bath (or shower, if you prefer) and eat some cookies and drink hot apple cider.

This is what memories are made of.

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Idea”

  1. We do that in the spring and summer, but haven’t done it in the winter before because it usually has been so cold. Had it not been for Evie having a cold, I would have let her go out the other day in it, since it was so warm. Your kids sure looked like they had fun :). I love the picture of Adrian dumping out the water out of his boots!

  2. We used to play in the rain. Wade in the puddles and “swim” in some deeper ones. But NEVER in December! I don’t ever remember having rain in Colorado in December.

    Lots of fun and good memories.

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