School Wishes

Wishes for School Year 2017/18

Look for Gently Used or New Please

MP3 players with headphones. Only needs to be able to play back, but one that records would be good too.

CD players-Need two

Homeschool legal defense subscription for year (or more 🙂 )

  • Mark Freshman in College
  • Andrea 10th Grade
  • Audrey 9th Grade
  • Adrian 6th Grade
  • Megan 1 1/2 Grade (such a thing?)


  • Scotch Self Seal Laminating Pouches 2 x 3.5 – We use often so a 25 pack is not too big.
  • We have laminator, so similar size laminating pages
  • Laminator sheets in 9 x 11 ish sizes


MISSIONARY HISTORY Most books available through YWAM Publishing

International Adventure Series

  • A Way Beyond Death
  • A Cry From the Streets
  • Against All Odds
  • Totally Surrounded
  • Living on the Devil’s Doorstep
  • Tomorrow You Die
  • Imprisoned in Iran
  • The Man With the Bird on His Head
  • Torches of Joy
  • Dayuma: Life Under Waorani Spears
  • Taking the High Places
  • A Walking Miracle
  • Taking on Giants
  • The Narrow Road

Assorted Missionary Stories

  • Jungle Pilot by Russell T. Hitt
  • God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew


  • British Literature Institute for Excellence in Writing
  • Windows to the World Institute for Excellence in Writing
  • Elegant Essay (Summer?) Institute for Excellence in Writing

Girls will be doing Bible and Christian authors and biographies.

Adrian (and Megan)-Not sure yet

Apologia SCIENCE

Girls will be using Apologia Exploring Creation through Biology.  Have the notebooks and MP3 audio.  Specimans to dissect will be coming soon.

Adrian will do Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics.

DVD Buddy Davis Ice Age.  Check CBD also.


Girls will be doing Government and Economics (By Notgrass)

Adrian will be working on American History 2


History Revealed: Romans, Reformers and Revolutionaries by Diana Waring (Answers in Genesis). CD’s are most important, books would only be used for reference. $89.00 for set

      • True Tales Volume 2 CD
      • What in the World Volume 2 CD
      • Digging Deeper Volume 2 Cd
      • All Glory, Laud and Honor CD
      • Teacher’s Guide
      • Student Guide


  • Hymns for a Child’s Heart Volume 1 all these by Bobbie Wolgemuth and Joni Eareckson Tada
  • Hymns for a Child’s Heart Volume 2
  • Passion Hymns for a Child’s Heart







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