Pinewood Derby

What is more fun then watching the car you designed and built with a little help from your dad compete against other cars? Watching your son’s face as he realizes that he might just have a chance to place. Even better is knowing that he is with terrific friends who are excited for him too.

Mark’s first car was very simple. He refused to add weights–and came in very last in his race!  Learning a very important lesson, he decided that his goal would be to build a better car each year. After years of trying to improve his speed, Mark’s car came in third place today!

His car has been “impounded” so he can race in “District” the first weekend in May.


One of the nice thing about home schooling is the ability to do fun things with friends. After one of the kids classes, some friends met us at the park–during school hours– for gym class. We spent a few hours enjoying the fresh snow and sledding with friends.

Over the weekend when we went to check out the sledding possibilities, the slopes were very crowded, but today was just us on the hill.

Christmas Memories

Nutcracker 2009


Mark has been fascinated by The Nutcracker since he first heard the music and watched the ballet. The first time he watched it on television –I think he was three– we thought he would be bored and fall asleep. He stayed up till midnight watching it!

We go to see the ballet when we can. Unfortunately, we could not go this year.  But we will enjoy the music a few times before Christmas.

Since the first year the church decorated with this Nutcracker, we measure the children’s growth each Christmas by it.  Of course, Mark was the one who asked to take that first picture.


nameAdrian loves to do school work with the kids.  Today I asked him to write his name.  He wrote his “d” as a “b” (I showed him the right way) and then wrote the rest. If he forgot which letter came next, I told him and he wrote it.  Pretty impressive to me.


FrostyNot sure why, but Frosty the snowman is very popular at our house this year.  The children love to sing the song and Adrian keep looking for “Frostys” while we drive at night. Adrian is fascinated by this toy at church and gets very excited when it plays Frosty.Frosty

Having fun in the dark

nightKissesAdrian was not feeling well Wednesday so we stayed home from church. We went for a walk down the road in the dark and then experimented with the camera and flashlight. He had a lot of fun posing for me.

Then we came inside for hot chocolate and cookies.

A few days later, Allan took Mark and Audrey out and Adrian wanted to go for another walk and experiment with Andrea.  When we were finished, we enjoyed milk and cookies.

New traditions are fun!