Library Wishes

Wish list of Books

Looking for the Unabridged books please. Gently used books are fine, but prefer NOT to have ex-library copies if possible.

Check out Abebooks for decent priced used books.

Claire Huchet Bishop: Pancakes-Paris (out of print)

D’AulaireBooks (have Ben Franklin)

Marguerite De Angeli; Skippack School, Copper Toed Boots, Elin’s Amerika

Benedict Freedman; Mrs. Mike

Carolyn Haywood; Here’s a Penny; Penny and Peter

G.A. Henty; Any, have Cat of Bubestees, The Dragon and the Raven, Winning his Spurs and The Young Carthaginian

Ralph Moody; The Home Ranch, Fields of Home, Horse of a Different Color (Bison book to match our series)

Keith Robertson: Ticktock and Jim

Kate Serendy: The Chestry Oak, A Tree for Peter, Philomena

SIM; Escape to the Jungle: Stories of Missionary Experiences and others

Robert Specht  Tisha: The Story of a Young Teacher in the Alaska Wilderness

Hilda van Stockum; Day on Skates

Books heard of that sound good, but never read.  Only good copies for really good price.

Good Old Archibald: Ethelyn Parkinson

Turkey Red: Esther L Vogt

I appreciate your comments!