Going Up!

I was looking through pictures and discovered these treasures from ten years ago.  

If I remember correctly, Megan thought the whole trip up was great fun.  Adrian was taken a little higher.  He enjoyed the experience, but preferred everything to the landing.  While (almost 3) Megan had lots of hands eager to help her, 7 year old Adrian was considered big enough to “land” on his own and the last drop was not smooth.


“Sad Sack” II

Do not let these puppy dog eyes fool you, this puppy is not at all sad. He is planning his next mischief!

Meet the newest member of our family, Cy. Cy is Audrey’s puppy. She has been wanting a friend for Tyson and when she mentioned that she knew of a puppy that Daddy would really like…

He sits beautifully on command and is super sly on stealing socks. Everyday he seems to learn something new. Audrey is doing a great job on his early training. I know there is a lot more that he needs to perfect and I think she will be a good trainer.

“Sad Sack” – Thor