Saturday in Colorado

We drove into Colorado bright and early on Saturday.  Allan drove most of the way, while everyone else slept.  Around 2:00, he needed a nap, so I drove for a few hours.  Mark commented on the falling stars he noticed and we discussed what animals belonged to the eyes and shadows running across the road.

After breakfast, Allan took a needed nap, and the kids and I acted like we were working for a few hours. After lunch and naps, we put in a few hours of real work before enjoying the beautiful Colorado sunset.

Begging in Goshen

We enjoyed being able to go begging for candy with our cousins today.  It was even more fun that Nora and Andrea were both piglet. Jonathan wore a Tigger outfit that all of my kids wore trick or treating at some time.

The kids said that it was the most fun begging they have had in a LONG time.

Bird Count

While at Camp Patmos, we walked down to see how they did the bird count on the island.  The gentleman who banded the birds was super friendly and answered many questions from all of us.  He taught us how to identify birds and how to tell if the bird was a yearling.  After teaching visitors how to properly hold a bird, we released the birds that they had banded. We went back a few times and enjoyed the chance to see many different birds.