Mommy Camp in Review

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Monday: Spent the day with Oma while Mommy drove the others to camp. (See hand drawn pink picture of Oma and me when I am as big as Mark).  Ate dinner with Oma, Opa and Uncle Phil and his family.

Tuesday: Learned about fish at Nature Nuts.  “Caught” a Pike “this big”. Played at the playground. Daddy surprised me my taking me to Wings Etc. for lunch! Took a rare nap.  Beat Daddy at Uno more than once. Started to learn Psalm 117.

Wednesday: Daddy dropped us off at the park.  After playing we walked two miles home. Painted sun catchers.  Went to church and played with some friends.

Thursday: Babysitting Audrey’s butterflies this week.  Enjoyed playing with the newly emerged ones. Washed dishes to surprise Momma.  Made “tea” with Crispix “cookies” for snack.  Played with finger paints. Read lots of stories. Had a pizza party with some friends from church. Had a starring role in a mini concert.

Friday: Read stories.  Finished some needed chores.  Discovered play dough and played with it for hours.  Went to library for more good books. Went to store and told to pick anything for dinner, chose curly fries and hamburgers.  Stayed up late catching fireflies.  Brought them inside where they all escaped.  After catching them all, they escaped the second time from a different jar.

Saturday: Bought blueberries.  Visited Oma and Opa.  Went to ice cream store for lunch but got caught in major storm.  Decided to eat lunch at home curled up with books.  Almost know all of Psalm 117. Everyone came home!

Mommy Camp 2015

MommyandmeMegan is my guest speaker today:

This year me and Mommy are in Mommy Camp. The other kids are at Jr High (Andrea), Juniors (Adrian), Jump Start (Audrey with her friend Casteel) and Sr. High (Mark) at Lake Ann Camp.

We play a lot. We work at clean up the whole entire house. We make dinner. Yesterday we painted and caught fishes. We played outside. Today we are going to play outside. We ate some candy.

Mommy helped me take this picture.  Mommy put it on the timer.  I got to focus it. I had to push the button in and then I run to Mommy. Then it took a picture.

Mommy Camp is FUN!


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On Father’s Day we went to Allan’s parents house.  For the first time in a long time, the entire family, except for Beth who was sick, was together.  It was a great afternoon!


BlackberriesWe found a wonderful batch of wild blackberries.  We can pick enough for snacking, but most are surrounded by a poison ivy forest. Though there is plenty for blackberry jam, I think we will let the birds enjoy most of the berries.  Even decked out with jeans, long sleeves and high boots, I think the poison ivy still would have an advantage!