The humor category for the photo contest I am entering was the most difficult, but the most fun. The rules were “to depict some sort of humorous nature or park theme.” Here are my four favorite photos. I know which one that I will not include, but if you had to leave one out, which would it be?

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Update:  I left out the Nature photographer picture.

That Time of Year

The Elkhart County Parks Photo Contest is coming up soon. The kids and I have been trying hard to get our pictures finished so we can submit them. The categories this year Nature of the Photo, Activities in the Parks, and Humor. I have a few from each category, but can only submit three from each.

The Nature of the Photo category is my weakest this year.  I have to narrow these pictures down by two.  I think I know what I will submit, but wonder about other’s ideas.    What are your favorite two or three pictures and why?

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Updated:  I submitted the Summer Work, Daisies and Winter Trees pictures

Sledding Hill

When the kids were much younger, Allan built our first backyard sledding hill by placing 2×8’s down the patio steps and forming a ramp. Since then, the children try to build one whenever there is enough snow.

We have had wonderful weather for the sledding hill this year.  We piled snow under the porch and the kids continue to add snow as needed.  They have learned how to shape the slope so that the ride is fun.  They learned very quickly that bumping on the bottom can hurt!

They have a contest going, to see who can travel the furthest down the yard.  Megan is the winner, happily screaming her way past the Maple tree.  Audrey is a very close second.

Even though the hill is not very large, it is fun.  All of the kids play on it, or help maintain it, during “recess” until they get cold or have to come in again.

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Frozen bubble

One of our yearly “to do’s” when the weather is around freezing is to try to blow bubbles outside. This morning, we succeeded on our mission!

Bubble Shadow
Bubble Shadow

When we tried earlier this week, it was too cold and the bubbles never frosted very well. But it is neat to watch how the weather affects how bubbles behave.

It becomes more  fun when we imagine what people think as they drive by and watch a bunch of children outside blowing bubbles first thing in the morning in 0 degree or lower weather.  We decided they all drive by and think “they  must be home schoolers!”

Burst Bubble
Broken Bubble




AudreyAudrey really likes the tulle skirt that Andrea made for Megan’s Christmas gift.

She tried it on, and when she discovered it fit,  I asked if she could run outside with it on.  Of course, her first thought was I was crazy; it was very cold outside, then she decided it sounded like neat fun.

A few of the pictures turned out nicely, but this is my favorite.  It captures my beautiful, bright, silly, fun loving girl’s personality!


BlurryI have been checking out many photography books from the library. The other day, I discovered a brand new one to read. I have only had time to browse through it, but found many suggestions that I would like to try.  I hope to have lots of time to experiment in the next few weeks.

This is one idea that takes me way out of my comfort zone; tell a story with an out of focus picture.  This one will never be a favorite picture, but I like how it turned out.


FeetWe woke up this morning to a heavy fog and most of the snow gone.  Mark and I went across the street to try some picture ideas that we had.  When we got home, Audrey ran out to great us.

Bare feet, ice and snow…I like this girl!  I used to do the same thing when I was little.  Toes





SleddingWe received our first good snow this weekend. It was not very deep, but was very pretty.

Since the middle two had a science class at the park, we went early to play on the sledding hills. The kids had fun, but said the snow was packed down and not as much fun as fresher snow. Megan went down a few times, but was not too interested.

After class, the kids begged to play some more.  For some reason, sledding was better and no one wanted to go home. Even Megan enjoyed sledding this time.


School Work

For  school this year, the girls and Adrian are doing a lot more writing than before.  Yesterday, they started learning about poetry.  Today, when their assignment was to write at least an eight line poem, they fussed and complained that it was hard.Snow

I mentioned it was not hard, and then did the assignment with them. In less than 30 minutes, all of the kids had written poems with very little help from me. I think it was the easiest assignment they have had so far.

Here is my finished poem:

Snow falling
Gently to the ground
Quietly outside

Children distracted

Snow gathering
Inch by inch
Blizzard like

Button coats
Slip on boots
Class dismissed!