Audrey and MeganA long time ago, I had a big brother who was allowed to ride his bike to many places I was not allowed to ride to.  Occasionally, he let me ride on the cross bar and we would go to Sam and Ellies, a candy store to far away for me to go to by myself.  I would have $.25 to buy treats with.  I could spend $.15 on candy, and $.10 on pretzel rods or other treats.  Often we would bring home an ice cube chocolate for Momma, one of her favorite candies.

Sometimes, Joe would even take me to Burger Chef and treat me to something special.Bike  Fries and tarter sauce are still one of my favorite treats, though I am not sure if that is Joe’s fault or Mom’s.

Today was a beautiful day for riding bikes.  I let the girls ride up and down the road for awhile.  Then we put Megan on the crossbars, just to see if she would enjoy it.  Of course, she thought it was wonderful.

When Mark got home from science class, Audrey persuaded him to take her for a spin. They did not go very far, but they had a lot of fun. I sort of wish that there was a nearby store that they could ride to and enjoy their own sibling dates.


TakeoffWe spent the afternoon at the park.  The sun was out and it was cold, but it was a good afternoon to be outside. While listening to the kids playing on the swings, I walked down to the water.  I was surprised how much ice there still was.

Hearing some cracking, I thought some animal was walking in the cattails.  It took awhile before I realized that I was hearing the ice cracking and breaking up! It sounded similar, but different, to when you walk on ice.Ice

Calling the kids to meet me, I asked them what was making the noise.  Mark was the first to understand what he was hearing.

We played around awhile, experimenting with throwing rocks, testing how thick the ice was and trying to break it without getting wet.  We laughed at ducks as they swam through the open spots and then broke the ice trying to climb out.  We explored the different heights of where ice was and admired the patterns they made.

Ice heightAll to soon, someone got cold, and we walked back to the car. We walked slowly, enjoying the cooler weather and breaking as much ice as we could find on the road. It was a wonderful afternoon!

Today’s Smile

Get Well heartAudrey is not feeling well today.   Megan decided that Audrey needed a get well card.  She cut out a heart with Andrea’s help and then drew a “girl, it not a boy” for Audrey.  At lunch time, she prayed, “thank you for making Audrey better later.” Audrey was given the card and then it disappeared.  She found it later, taped on her bedroom door at Megan level.

Glorious Morning!

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“From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised!” Psalm 113:3

We have been getting to bed really late the last two nights.  A lady from church is helping Audrey learn to knit, so we stayed out late Wednesday for a lesson. Last night we had a great time bowling with some friends. Add to that, Megan has the “snuffles” and does not sleep well.

Allan still had to be at work on time this morning.  He noticed the sunrise was extra pretty as he drove to work and he called to let me know.  So I went to enjoy the beautiful sunrise that God designed for us.