TigerAndrea asked if I could come to work with them again today.  She said that Megan had learned how to climb into the loft and Adrian wanted to show me the hay castle.

They finished their chores and then they enjoyed having a barn to play in.  While I watched and listened to their play, I practicing taking pictures of the barn cats.

This is my favorite of them all.  Paul had noticed the camera strap dangling and was deciding if he wanted to attack it.  He decided a bath sounded better.

Watch Dog

LisaI went to work with Mark and Andrea early this morning. I wanted some practice shooting in strange lights.

It was fun watching them work.  They really love their adopted pets. Andrea told me to watch while she fed her silly goats.  We went outside and as I waited for her to get to the feeding trough I noticed one of the dogs watching us. She posed perfectly before disappearing to find Mark.


For science today we learned about spiders.  We enjoyed reviewing a few things and then watching a video about how strong spider webs can be.  After, the children were told to create a spider using any snack food they wanted.  They found cookies, pretzels, sprinkles and mini marshmallows to use.

After choosing their snacks, everyone “went to their own corner” so no one could see what they were doing.  Each of my children had a totally different interpretation of the assignment.

Adrian Adrian designed a spider.  But a bird came and attacked the spider, causing him to lose his eight eyes and two legs.

AudreyAudrey’s spider had another mishap.  She came to show me her spider while sobbing and crying, “someone smashed my spider!”

Andrea created a wounded Shelob from the Two Towers (Lord of the Rings) with Frodo’s and Sam’s swords nearby covered with green blood. AndreaFrodo is wrapped in a spiderweb and Sam is wearing colorful white clothes (designed by Megan).

I am not sure what would have happened if any of the kids had attempted to turn these in at school.  But I am so thankful that they can be silly and practice their creativity at home.  Best of all,  I love being the one watching their imagination working  and being the one who gets to laugh first at their goofiness.


SunriseI know that most people are eagerly looking forward to warmer weather, the snow to melt and flowers to start appearing.  I love the winter, and this one has been extra nice.  Though we only got a little snow last night, I decided to move the snow off the driveway and was distracted by the very cold, amazingly gorgeous morning!

I walked up and down the street listening to a few birds singing and watched the sun shining through the clouds. The wind caused snow to dance across the fields.  And it was quiet.

sunrisePsalm 51:7 kept going through my head “wash me and I will be whiter than snow”.  The God who created the world (Gen 1) and formed me (Psalm 139:13-16 ) is willing to forgive all the wrong that I have done and do, and wash the junk away (Psalm 51: 1-12). How awesome is that! It was a great start to my day! Clouds


Sign of Spring

Defrosting RiverRiverTen days ago, the kids and I took a field trip to the park to see if the river had frozen over. We were very happy to see that it was.

I am not sure what Megan thought, but she refused to stay near the water.  The other kids investigated the ice covered river. Adrian played by the side and Mark attempted a crossing. He was stopped half way by a concerned Momma.  Audrey discovered ice skating while Andrea explored near the shore. I enjoyed watching all the kids discover something for the first time and how each reacted to it.Defrosting River

DefrostingToday we returned to discover most of the ice was gone.  Spring is slowly coming!