Building Snowmen

We have been wanting to build snowmen, but the weather is not cooperating!  We received a few more inches of snow last night, and because it is so cold out (windchill makes it feel around -10 degrees) we decided to create our own inside.

Quilled Snowmen 19 Feb 2015 Megan, Andrea, Mark, Joyce, Andrea, Andrea and Adrian McGuire
Quilled Snowmen
19 Feb 2015
Megan, Andrea, Mark, Joyce, Audrey and Adrian McGuire

Today’s Smile

meganmomPumpkinMegan said, “this is Megan and Mommy pumpkin! Audrey helping me do each le’er”

Audrey will tell Megan what the new letter is, or write it on another paper.  Megan than writes it down.  She does not write all her letters, and they don’t always turn out so nicely, but she is doing very well.

Today’s Smile-Butterflies

Butterfly 16June2014Audrey is raising butterflies again this year. She has Monarchs, Eastern Black Swallowtails, and Painted Lady caterpillars. She researches butterflies in the area and how to find them.  Then she searches for them in fields and gardens.  We are planting butterfly gardens hoping more come to visit.

Audrey spends hours everyday looking for new caterpillars, collecting food, and cleaning the caterpillar’s hotel rooms.  She has learned so much, that she has been invited to teach other children about butterflies!

Today’s Smile

Princess Megan drawn by Megan 12 May 2014

This is beautiful princess Megan.  The writing on the side says “You are the best Mommy in the world. I love you.  Love, Megan.”

I am so glad that I can read three year old writing! It helps a lot that she is willing to help me read what I can not.

Today’s Smile

Get Well heartAudrey is not feeling well today.   Megan decided that Audrey needed a get well card.  She cut out a heart with Andrea’s help and then drew a “girl, it not a boy” for Audrey.  At lunch time, she prayed, “thank you for making Audrey better later.” Audrey was given the card and then it disappeared.  She found it later, taped on her bedroom door at Megan level.

Crystal Bubble

Crystal Bubble

This morning, the kids went next door to help the neighbor shovel her driveway.  Megan wanted to go too, so she started that way without me.

This afternoon, we were being silly and playing with bubbles in the house.  We discovered that some of them would bounce on the carpet before popping.  I am not sure how long we played with the bubbles, but it was a lot of fun.

Sneak Peak–Flora and Fauna

For the past few years, I have participated in a local photo contest.

This year the categories are Flora and Fauna, In the Air, and Activities in the Park. They also have special sections for black and white and special effects photography.  I can enter three pictures in each category.

Here are the Flora and Fauna pictures that I have decided on so far.  Now to narrow it down by two and figure out some good titles for each.

If you want to see the show, the pictures will be displayed at Concord Mall from noon 25 Jan until noon 1 Feb 2013. “Opening Night” is from 5:30-7:30 on the 25 of January. This year, all the “big kids” will have at least one entry each in the “Youth Category”.