Soccer Weekend

This was a busier than normal weekend with soccer games.  Allan (as coach) and Adrian won their game. Adrian was so excited!

I missed watching that game, because Andrea had a game at the same time. She played in a light drizzle for part of the game.  Her team made one point in the last few minutes of the game, winning 1:0

On Sunday, Andrea had a game in Ft. Wayne. The team gave their moms a carnation and a chocolate bar before the game started.  About twenty minutes into the game, it started to rain hard for about a quarter of an hour.  The rain was so hard that Andrea had to shade her eyes to see the ball.

Even though we had umbrellas, the rain came at an angle and soaked everyone.  We discovered a lake under our feet that Megan spent the rest of the game playing in. The sun came out and the rest of the game was perfect soccer weather.

Andrea is improving in soccer.  She has learned to use her body as a shield to keep the ball away from the other team.  If she gets stuck in the corner, she is doing much better at turning the ball and kicking it hard straight down the line.  Andrea will try blocking the ball more often too.  She has learned how to defend and steal the ball more consistently also.

If you are bored next weekend, or just want to watch soccer, Adrian has a game at 10:00, and Andrea is in a tournament at Nipco.  Her game times are Saturday at 12:00 and 6:00 and Sunday morning at 10:00 (go to early service!)

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