What’s Up at the Symphony?

Today, my dad’s band played at a nearby elementary school. A few months ago, the conductor asked if Mark would help with the piece, “What’s Up at the Symphony.” Mark recruited Megan to help him.

Mark was dressed up as an oversized rabbit. The costume he wore was hard to see through, so Megan became his “seeing eye carrot”, making sure he did not trip. She also got to dance and skip around with Mark.

They did a great job and the students enjoyed them very much. I wonder how many little ones wished they could be Megan and dance with the super tall rabbit!


After watching Adrian make a potholder, Megan decided she wanted to learn how to make them also. With just a little bit of help, she can create an entire potholder by herself now.

They love weaving a potholder one day and then taking it apart to use the elastics in another potholder later. It is fun to see all the unique designs they come up with.


We were asked if we would please help Daddy’s band. They are playing “What’s Up at the Symphony”, and wanted a Bugs Bunny in a few of the concerts. However, they got “Harvey” instead.
Today the kids went to a retirement home and helped make people smile. They enjoyed the chance to be silly and loved interacting with some of the residents.

Snow Day

Every year, we go sledding. We were wondering if we would have the chance this year since we have received very little snow since Christmas and we have had some very warm weeks.

Today, when we woke up to a few inches of snow, the kids ran to shovel neighbors’s driveways and then we left to enjoy the sledding hills. We were thankful there was not enough snow to cancel nearby schools but enough that sledding would be fun.

We all enjoyed ourselves very much and spent over two hours playing outside. Since Megan did not mind the snow in her face for the first time and it seemed to make her laugh even louder, the kids tried new ways sledding down the hill. They raced each other and tried to get everyone to sled together as a group.

I enjoyed watching the kids interact with each other.  They all wanted to play together and even though they split up sometimes and played alone, they seemed to have more fun being together. I am so thankful that even though the kids are different ages and all have different personalities, they are all best friends!