Michigan City

We took the kids to Michigan City.  We got to explore replicas of the Nina and Pinta. Both were much smaller than expected!

Then we went to the Dunes and played in the sun all afternoon. Allan was able to borrow a stand up paddle board from a couple he started talking with.  I loved watching him try it out.

Everyone loved the water.  We also enjoyed rock hunting, finding fossils and learning how to skip rocks.

It was a great mini vacation!

2 thoughts on “Michigan City”

  1. It is not easier than it looks, Allan fell a few times. The couple who loaned it to him could hardly balance on it and spent most of their time on their knees (great place to be). But another couple made it look extremely simple! Maybe one day I will try it, but I need a way to keep from losing my glasses when I go over 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great day!!! Way to try paddleboating! Was it easier than it looks?

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