Library Wishes

Wish list of Books

Looking for the Unabridged books please. Gently used books are fine, but prefer NOT to have ex-library copies if possible.

Check out Abebooks for decent priced used books.

Claire Huchet Bishop: Pancakes-Paris (out of print)

Enid Blyton (Earlier editions preferred)

  • Noddy and His Car (1951)
  • Here Comes Noddy Again! (1951)
  • Well Done Noddy! (1952)
  • Noddy Goes to School (1952)
  • Noddy Gets into Trouble (1954)
  • You Funny Little Noddy (1955)
  • Noddy and Tessie Bear (1956)
  • Be Brave, Little Noddy! (1956)
  • Noddy Goes to the Fair (1960)
  • Noddy and the Tootles (1962)
  • Noddy and the Aeroplane (1963)

D’AulaireBooks (have Ben Franklin)

Marguerite De Angeli; Skippack School, Copper Toed Boots, Elin’s Amerika

Benedict Freedman; Mrs. Mike

Carolyn Haywood;  Penny and Peter

Ralph Moody; The Home Ranch, Fields of Home, Horse of a Different Color (Bison book to match our series)

Keith Robertson: Ticktock and Jim

Kate Serendy: The Chestry Oak, A Tree for Peter, Philomena

SIM; Escape to the Jungle: Stories of Missionary Experiences and others

Hilda van Stockum; Day on Skates

Paul White: Jungle Doctor Series; Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind, Jungle Doctor on the Hop,  Jungle Doctor Spots a Leopard, Jungle Doctor’s Crooked Dealings, Jungle Doctor’s Enemies,  Jungle Doctor in Slippery Places,  Jungle Doctor’s Africa,  Jungle Doctor on Safari,  Jungle Doctor meets a lion,  Eyes on Jungle Doctor,  Jungle Doctor Stings a Scorpion,  Jungle Doctor Pulls a Leg, Jungle Doctor Looks for Trouble, Jungle Doctor Operates, Jungle Doctor to the Rescue, Jungle Doctor Attacks Witchcraft, Jungle Doctor Goes West, Jungle Doctor Sees Red, Jungle Doctor’s Case Book

Books heard of that sound good, but never read.  Only good copies for really good price.

Good Old Archibald: Ethelyn Parkinson

Books that I am looking for a better copy.  I have a copy already:

  • My Mother is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World.

I appreciate your comments!