Joyce’s Wish List

Joyce’s Wish List (not all practical, but isn’t that what “wish lists” are about?)

I prefer “homemade” with natural (organic is good, but not necessary) ingredients in lotions unless I have a certain one listed.  I prefer “spicy” to sweet scents 🙂 We are trying hard to stay away from additives and processed stuff.

Feel free to mention to Allan if you get something and he can delete if needed.


(Please discuss with Allan before buying anything for the camera) It may be more expensive then Amazon, my favorite camera store for gift certificates is Gene’s in South Bend, they are willing to answer any questions and I can go there if I have problems. If you know the lenses are in almost perfect condition, used is perfectly fine.  

My main camera is a Sony an A6400.

  • Macro lens to fit Canon Sony a6400. Would love to be able to take “life size” pictures.  Preferably one that the lens does not move, but focuses inside the lens. 1:1  (Sony SEL30M35 30mm f/3.5 e-mount Macro Fixed Lens??)
  • Wide angle lens like Sigma 16mm f/1.4 (Try B&H and Amazon for prices)
  • DC DNMeFoto Tripod # A1350Q1E, tripod that converts to monopod, “Chocolate” trim? (Other Camera items much higher on list)

Household Wants

  • Set of 6 Bath towels with matching wash clothes and hand towels.  Need to match upstairs bathroom.  Brown, navy blue are preferences (Allan can suggest another color he knows I will like)
  • Heavy duty Kitchen knife set with holders
  • Heavy duty matching steak knives (set of 8)  Not sure benefits of smooth vs sawtooth 🙂
  • Fiesta ware –  Assorted colors (not fussy about the white or lemongrass) Second hand and “seconds” are cheaper.  Can find at Kohls, but more expensive unless you have coupons.
    • 9 inch (luncheon) plates
    • salad plates
    • tapered mugs
    • cups
    • saucers
    • small bowls
    • Assorted larger bowls or plates for serving

Flowers (Bulbs are wonderful!)

  • Hepatica, also called liverwort, (purples, blues, pinks, white).
  • Columbine (purples, oranges, pinks etc)
  • Glory of the snow (I like the ones with color and white best, but any)
  • Snowdrops
  • Bloodroot
  • Crocus (assorted colors and blooming times)
  • Tulips
  • Bleeding hearts
  • Forget me nots

Movies on DVD (Region 1 to play in USA)

  • Arsenic and Old Lace; 1944,  Cary Grant

Just for Me

  • Dream Silk Comfort Cream by Earth Therapeutics
  • Reflexology Foot Massage by Earth Theropeutics
  • Burt’s Bee lip balm pomegranate or peppermint with Vit E
  • Isle Royal Greenstone Ring (Pumpellyite, “chlor­astro­lite”, looks like green stars or a turtles back).  Would like a small, oval (just a little more oval than round “turtle shape”) Ask Allan ring size.
  • 100% beeswax candles, unscented, with cotton wicks

Favorite Snacks-Promise to share with family (Amazon has some good prices, but I also check with Swanson and LuckyVitamin). In order of preference.

  • Brooklyn Biltong:  Original and Steakhouse.  This stuff is wonderful!
  • Raw Nonpareil Almonds, 10 pounds. Great taste and lasts a few months. Only from RY Ranches please. Our absolute favorite for an excellent price per pound.
  • Raw Organic Brazilnuts, unsalted
  • Raw Organic Hazelnuts (Filberts) without salt
  • Raw, organic pecans

Candy (Organic dark chocolate is good too.  The fewer ingredients, the better)

  • Theo Dark Chocolate is a favorite

Gift Certificates to share

  • Meijers, Krogers, or  Walmarts
  • Wings Etc (the BEST wings place)

I appreciate your comments!