Joyce’s Wish List

Joyce’s Wish List (not all practical, but isn’t that what “wish lists” are about?)

  • I prefer “homemade” with organic ingredients in lotions unless I have a certain one listed.
  • I prefer “spicy” to sweet scents 🙂
  • Prefer very little additives and processed stuff.


My main camera is a Sony an A6400.

  • Body Repair for Sony A6400 ($30 to send in for quote and then cost to fix.)
  • Once body is repaired
    • Macro lens to fit Sony a6400. Would love to be able to take “life size” pictures.  Preferably one that the lens does not move, but focuses inside the lens. 1:1  (Sony SEL30M35 30mm f/3.5 e-mount Macro Fixed Lens??)
    • Wide angle lens like Sigma 16mm f/1.4 (Try B&H and Amazon for prices)

Household Wants

  • 7 Quart Crock Pot (any high quality brand), removable stoneware, with knob–no electric panel  Purple, Red or Charcoal.
  • High quality, high rating grain mill.  Hand cranked is fine. Have not researched but would need to be able to easily grind 8 cups at a time.  Second hand is okay if in great working order.
  • Fiesta ware (Would like to build up to set of 20 pieces)-  I do not need “new” colors, anywhere you can find good pieces with pretty colors are fine. Assorted colors (I really like the deeper colors like jade, foundry  twilight & mulberry with matching accent colors like lemon grass),  No White please.   In order of what would like:
    • 7.25-in. bistro salad plate Would like Jade (Have 9)
    • Oval Platters for serving (have one L scarlet)
    • Assorted Bistro bowls for serving (L and XL)
    • 9 inch (luncheon) plates–Would like Jade or Poppy (have 11 )
    • 22-oz. bistro bowl in Twilight?
    • small bowls
      • Popcorn size would like jade (have 12 assorted colors)
      • Cereal would like jade (have 10 assorted colors)
    • Only if found at sales extremely cheap
      • 15 oz tapered mug- really like Foundry color (No space for 20!)
      • tea cups with matching saucers
    • No silverware, knifes, pitchers, or towels please

Just for Me

  • More with Less Cookbook, 40th Edition, Doris Janzen Longacre & Rachel Marie Stone
  • Isle Royal Greenstone Ring (Pumpellyite, “chlor­astro­lite”, looks like green stars or a turtles back).  Would like a small, oval (just a little more oval than round “turtle shape”) Size 9 simple band 2mm thick.  Sterling silver or gold.
  • 100% beeswax candles, unscented, with cotton wicks

Favorite Snacks

  • Merci finest assorted European Chocolate
  • Lindor dark chocolate or milk chocolate truffles
  • Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates
  • Organic dark chocolate up to 80ish%.  The fewer ingredients, the better.
  • Theo Dark Chocolate
  • Scharffenberger chocolate (Dark up to 70% or milk chocolate)  There used to be individually wrapped ones that were the perfect size.
  • Raw Macadamia Nuts (organic is a plus)
  • Raw Organic Hazelnuts (Filberts) without salt
  • Andrea’s homemade is MUCH better than store bought.

Flowers (Bulbs are wonderful!)

  • Hepatica, also called liverwort, (purples, blues, pinks, white).
  • Glory of the snow (I like the ones with color and white best, but any)
  • Snowdrops
  • Columbine (purples, oranges, pinks etc)

Gift Certificates to share

  • Meijers, Krogers, or  Walmarts
  • Wings Etc (the BEST wings place)

I appreciate your comments!