Allan’s Wish List

Allan’s Wish List

Please no store bought body care (ie lotions, soaps etc) items.  I have girls who supply me with what I need.

Books in order of would like:  Used, good condition fine (prefer not ex library if possible)

  • The Pulpit Commentary
  • John Phillips commentary
  • Explore the Book ; J Sidlow, Baxter
  • The Preacher’s Homiletic Commentary
  • Matthew Henry’s

Gift Certificates from Lowes for Home Improvements

  • British military sweater (with quarter buttons or zip)  Sort of like this one.

Date with Joyce, two or more nights.

Tools: Need heavy duty ones please for remodeling house.

  • Chain saw with 18 inch blade preferred, but 16 is okay.

Just for Fun:

Help with Work:

  • Wood chopped and stacked neatly
  • Driveway leveled and restoned

Candy and treats:  Please, only get what is requested.

  • Second Nature Dark Chocolate Medley
  • Power Up High Energy fruit snack
  • Dark Chocolate (93% is not to high) With as few ingredients as possible.
  • Coffee flavored M&M (okay, not on diet, but will be good 🙂 )

Books: Used is nice, but prefer not to have ex library copy.

  • Food Safari Fire by Maeve O’Meara

I appreciate your comments!