Today’s Guest Cook

Today for lunch, Adrian learned how to cook hard boiled eggs.  Master chief Adrian will tell you his secret recipe!  Shhh…don’t tell, it is a secret!

First you find an egg, but not duck eggs. You put six in a small pot and add cold water.  Until it is on the tip top of the eggs. Then you start cooking it until the water boils. Set the timer from 10 to 15 minutes. (Momma said we like them at 13 minutes) Turn off the heat and cover the pan. When the timer beeps, take out an egg and put it in a small bowl. Put it in cold water and wait until the egg cools down a little. Then open it up and if the egg yolk is hard, do the same thing to the other eggs, but don’t cut them open.  Put in refrigerator until ready to eat.  If you like pepper on eggs, you can put some pepper on when you start eating it.  Enjoy!