Activities Photo Gallery

The activity category for the park’s photo contest can be any picture taken in one of the county parks. I took a lot of pictures this year as I experimented and learned how to use my camera better, but none that really stand out. I had fun with these pictures, and it will be fun to share them with others.

Of course, I have an extra picture included. I think I know which one I will pull, but which do you think should be taken out?

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In case you are interested; I pulled the tire swing picture.

3 thoughts on “Activities Photo Gallery”

  1. I’m glad I don’t have to choose. : )
    Were you in a tree when you took the shadow picture?
    I think all of your pictures in all of the categories are excellent.
    I think I liked the dandelion best in the flower category, either that or the bee one. The others I’m not sure.

  2. These are really good. “Sledding” tells a great story, captures the action, and I love the different expressions. “Shadow play” is really neat with the overhead shot and shadows. Very unique point-of-view. Those two are my favorites.

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