Joyce’s Wish List

Joyce’s Wish List (not all practical, but isn’t that what “wish lists” are about?)

Please no store bought body care (ie. lotions, soaps etc)  items unless “homemade” with natural (organic is good, but not necessary) ingredients.  We are trying hard to stay away from additives and processed stuff.  Plus, I have two girls who supply me with what I need.

Feel free to mention to Allan if you get something and he can delete if needed.


(Please discuss with Allan before buying anything for the camera) It may be more expensive then Amazon, my favorite camera store for gift certificates is Gene’s in South Bend, they are willing to answer any questions and I can go there if I have problems. If you know the lenses are in almost perfect condition, used is perfectly fine.

  • Prime lens for portraits
  • Macro lens to fit Canon EOS 60D. Would love to be able to take “life size” pictures.  Preferably one that the lens does not move, but focuses inside the lens.
  • Tamron 150-600 mm lens (for Canon)
  • Wide angle lens to fit Canon EOS 60D camera
  • MeFoto Tripod # A1350Q1E, tripod that converts to monopod, “Chocolate” trim
  • Slide scanner Linux Compatible- Needs to have very HIGH resolution


  • Crock pot, at least 7 quarts, oval in dark grey.  Removable crock and three settings (low, high and warm).
  • A good food dehydrator with temperature control; two ideas Snack Master Pro or The American Harvest
  • Tupperware Modular Mates; Rectangular or Square.  Prefer Dark Lids. I would use the smallest size (1) the very least and size 2 and 3 the most.  Used is fine if looks good. More than one is great and would be used often.
  • Ice cream Maker; the kind you throw the canister in freezer and then pour ingredients and use a paddle to stir. Used is fine. Donvier 1 quart manual ice cream maker is one brand.
  • Heavy duty heat resistant potholders. Not silicone or gloves please.
  • Heavy duty wood clothes drying rack for indoor clothes drying.  Will be mostly for jeans, sweaters and rugs.

Favorite Snacks-Promise to share with family (Amazon has some good prices, but I also check with Swanson and LuckyVitamin). In order of preference.

  • Raw Nonpareil Almonds, 10 pounds. Great taste and lasts a few months. Only from D&S Ranches please. Our absolute favorite for an excellent price per pound.
  • Raw Organic Brazilnuts, unsalted
  • Raw Organic Hazelnuts (Filberts) without salt
  • Raw, organic pecans

Books and Magazines

    • The Visual Toolbox by David duChemin
    • Danielle Walker’s Against all Grain: Celebrations
    • The Paleo Chocolate Lovers’ Cookbook: 80 Gluten-Free Treats for Breakfast & Dessert by Kelly V. Brozyna
    • The Photographic Story by David Duchemin (e-book)
    • Forget Mugshots by David Duchemin (e-book)

Candy (Organic dark chocolate is good too.  The fewer ingredients, the better)

  • Theo Dark Chocolate is a favorite
  • Lindt Lindor Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles.  I also like the Dark.  Mint is the only flavor I have tried.

Gift Certificates to share

  • Martins for splurging on fun groceries
  • Wings Etc (the BEST wings place)


I appreciate your comments!