Day at the Beach

Yesterday, we spent the day at the Lake.  Megan started out apprehensive of the water, but ending up really loving it. The kids were in the water most of the day.  We only stopped for lunch and a break from the sun.

It was a great way to celebrate!


Because there has been very little rain, fireworks by our house have been canceled.  However, Allan found out that the ban by his brother’s house was lifted.  Last night, after the kids were ready for bed, Allan told them to change back into their cool clothes, put on  some walking shoes and go to the car.

We drove to Winona Lake and met Josh and Angie.  Then we found a nice grassy place to sit and enjoyed a very nice show.

I rarely take night pictures, so I had fun experimenting.

Thank you Josh and Angie for joining the fun at the last minute.  We enjoyed ourselves very much!

Click fireworks to see how the experiment worked.