Fun Memory

Last night, I started sorting through some photographs.  I hope to weed out the bad photographs and arrange the good ones in chronological order.  One day I may get albums made for each of the kids, but labeling them is much more important just now.

While we had fun looking at all the pictures, this one was our favorite of all we looked at yesterday.  Do you know who this is?



Mark and MeganOnce a month, Megan attends a science class that is just for her.  Because we had some wonderful snow this weekend, everyone came, bringing book work. They did not get much paperwork done during class though.  They passed out materials, helped with some play acting, and interacted with the younger children.  I know they enjoyed Megan’s class as much as she did!

After class, we played on the sledding hill.  Book work is important, but having time to be a kid and just play is needed too.