Two Uses for a Tarp

There are lots of leaves still on the ground. We plan on working on then for the next few days, hoping to get them finished before it rains.

Yesterday, Mark and Andrea came up with a fun way to transport leaves. They tied a tarp to their bicycles and pulled it to the woods. There they untied the tarp and dumped the leaves. Mark enjoyed being able to ride in the woods with his bike. (They learned quickly to plan their ride and peddle at the same speed!)

When they were finished with the leaves, they made a kite with the tent. It was fun to fly!

I asked Mark what they were planning to do with their kite.  He said, “we were wanting to tie it Megan’s stroller. Well, to make it pull Megan’s stroller.”

I asked, “What does Momma think of that idea?”  Mark said, “No, probably not! But we would have had someone running alongside it, to catch it if it started to fall.”

Momma still said “No!” But I loved their ideas 🙂


Adrian came upstairs all ready to go exploring! He is a hunter, pirate, explorer, scientist. He is exploring the back yard for deer.

In his bag at his side, he has a poisonous frog with a hurt back right leg.  The frog has a band-aid on it and Adrian is nursing it back to health.

Esther Raye

I have a niece who is very special.  When she was little Esther Raye would spent the night sometimes. She sat with us in church and would snuggle with me. Now that she is getting ready to graduate, it is fun to be able just to talk to her.  She is growing up to be a beautiful girl!

This weekend she is helping to earn some money for Riley Hospital. She had to raise some money, and then will work with classmates to make different pots tonight. They will auction those pots to earn more money for Riley.  I forgot how much they wanted to raise, but they are close to it. We went to visit her during “prison break” and the kids were fascinated with watching them work on the pottery wheels.

O LORD, You are our Father, We are the clay, and You our potter; And all of us are the work of Your hand. Isaiah 64:8 NAS

Mark and Tigger

When Mark was born, a Sunday School Class sent a HUGE care package full of surprises for us.  They sent Mark a Pooh Bear, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet rattle toys plus other toys. But he liked his Tigger the best.

For his first birthday we got him this Tigger. We  had asked Allan’s parents to buy him one. They brought it when they visited us when Mark was 9 months old.  Sam sent a smaller one that Mark loved too.

Mark still likes his Tiggers, but shared his collection with Adrian, who loves Tigger too.

Missionary conference through 4 year old eyes

This week is the missionary conference at church. We had a commissioning service that was the best I have ever seen. After service, Mark got Adrian. When I first saw him, he was running toward me in a bright red and yellow hat.  Strangely, none of the other kids had one.  When I asked Adrian about it, he said ” My teacher said, ‘We worship’ and I said ‘when we say Wow!’ and she gave me it.” According to Adrian, that is their “verse” for the week.

I asked him about his class and what he did today. Here is what the four year olds learned in class today.

“The bear Bible story. They were going fishing and their boat got out of gas and then when they got on land, there was a bear! The black and white colorful movie there is a race car. There are two friends. Church preschool is the best! The end.”

I do know the “bear Bible story” is a story some missionaries in Russia told. Mark learned that their boat can go in 3 inches of water.  But no one told me what happened after they saw the bear and their boat was out of gas.  The movie is a video that all the kids are watching around a racing theme this year.

Raking Leaves

Today was another beautiful day! After quiet time, the kids went outside to play and were outside all afternoon.

We needed to clean the yard before the rain comes, so we raked a bunch of leaves and put things away for the winter.  The kids carried the leaves to the woods and made a HUGE leaf pile to play in.