Needed Break

Mark and Katie were able to come over this weekend. Mark and Audrey both had homework, so I am glad we decided to spend one day playing and hung around the house the other days.

The dunes were very popular this weekend, but we were thankful to find a quiet corner to ourselves. We played in the strong waves at first, but then moved to a less rocky section of beach with quieter (but still strong ) waves.

After spending all day there, we came home sun burnt, tired and extremely rested.

Melody and Steven

Last week, I was privileged to spend the evening taking pictures of my friends Melody and Steven. We had a lot of fun taking maternity photos in one of the very last warm fall days this month. (We were not the only ones, there were at least four other photographers in our area!)

Melody suggested a tree lined entrance that I had never been to. The colors there were perfect! Then we moved on to the mill and took a few more.

Congratulations Melody and Steven! I am looking forward to meeting your new little one soon.

A Summer Wedding

This summer, we welcomed Katie to our family! Mark and Katie were married in late July in a very small, but beautiful wedding.

I knew I did not want to take a lot of pictures; I wanted to enjoy Mark’s day. But I did ask the photographer for permission to take pictures if I promised not to get in her way. She said that was fine 🙂 I only took a few pictures during the wedding because I wanted to get a picture of Mark first saw Katie. Then I enjoyed the ceremony.

After, Audrey brought out the special gift she had for Mark. She had enough newly emerged Monarchs to share. So after Mark and Katie released a handful, she shared with others who had never held a butterfly before.

It was a very sweet wedding.