MarkMark and Andrea have been working extra hard at the neighbors this week.  The neighbors left to help their son move cross country and the children are in charge of the animals while they are gone.

Three times a day they go to bottle feed the baby, Fin. His mother got really sick last week and did not get well.  Fin is stubborn and fights Mark when it is time to eat, but that independence is a needed trait for him right now.

After wresting with Fin today, Mark and I went into the loft to see if I could get some updated pictures of him.  It was a nice way to relax and a fun way to spend a little extra alone time with Mark.


The Tea Party

Tea party

Party 2Megan was given two dolls from a lady at church.  They are very old dolls.  The one’s eyes open and close and the dress is falling apart from age.  The other doll and dress is in better condition and the hair and eyes are painted on. I am guessing they are from the 1950’s because they look similar to a larger doll my mom owns.