Two Year Old Hat Pictures

When Mark was little, he was given a denim hat.  He wore it often, so when I took him for his two year old pictures, I had him wear the hat and his favorite pair of overalls.  When Andrea got her two year old pictures, I had her wear the hat and overalls also.  Of course, now I had to get pictures of all the kids wearing the hat and overalls for their second birthday.

The place we got matching pictures from is not here anymore.  So, we set up our own studio today and attempted matching pictures. The colorized picture will eventually be put into a frame with the other two year old pictures.

Happy Birthday Andrea

Andrea turned eleven today!

Andrea is such a special girl.  She tries hard at school and tries her best most of the time.  Even though a few subjects are extremely difficult for her, I rarely see her upset anymore. She often asks to help Adrian with his books. When Adrian needed to learn how to tie his shoes, she was the one to help me teach him (and the one to to scream when he tied his first shoe!)

While she loves “girly” things like pretty dresses and giggling often, she does not hesitate to play a rough game of soccer.  She holds her own very well.

Andrea is sweet too.  After opening her presents from us, she had one bag left.  She planned a gift for each of us! She found verses that she liked and then wrote a note to each of us on a notecard.  I am often finding love notes and thank you’s from her around the house.

It is neat watching Andrea become the girl God created her to be.  I pray that she grows strong in Christ!

Happy Birthday, Beautiful!  I am so glad to be your Momma!