Rainy Day Idea

Are you tired of the rain?  Instead of singing your favorite rainy day song  or dreaming that the rain was snow, take my kid’s advice and go play in it!  Have fun!

When you come in, cold and wet, remember you are soaking wet and do not get your Momma’s floor all dirty and wet! Take a long hot bath (or shower, if you prefer) and eat some cookies and drink hot apple cider.

This is what memories are made of.

Snow Day!

We try to make school on Fridays fun. Today we went to the library. All of the kids enjoyed looking for new books and magazines.

Then, we went to the park.  There is only an inch or two of snow, but we went sledding! Even Megan enjoyed being outside for an hour.

Sledding with so little snow has a few benefits, the most important being the hills are not crowded at all 😉

Cookie Thief

Today the kids made a batch of “loaded” chocolate chip cookies. They used extra walnuts, dark chocolate and semi sweet chocolate chips. The cookies were very good!

Megan was given a cookie and she really enjoyed it. She then stole Audrey’s cookie.  After laughing at Audrey, she signed “thank you”.

Adrian’s First Snowman

While we were in Colorado, the weather changed a lot. We needed sweaters when we got there.  Then it got hot and we did not have enough t-shirts. Before we left, it snowed! Adrian and I went outside and made a snowman just by ourselves. This is Adrian’s story about the first snowman he built.

It was snowing at Colorado before we came back. Momma did not pack snow boots so I had to wear my shoes. Momma made me wear store bags (plastic bags) over my socks and under my shoes. They kept me warm and dry.

We rolled the snow into big balls. Then we put another one on top of the big ball. It has to be littler than that big ball. Then we made the last one and put it on the medium sized one. It has to be littler than that one. We found some rocks. We put its mouth with the rocks and the eyes with the rocks. For his hands and arms there were sticks. We used a bouncy thing for your shoe (a spring, not sure where he came up with that definition) for his hat.

Then we had a snowball fight. I made a big one. I won!

Momma thought my snowman would last one day because he falling (melting) already. He lasted three days (until we left). Daddy took off his head before we started to go home to make sure the rocks got back where they belonged. Then we left Colorado.

I had fun making my snowman.  I want to make more than one, three! this year.