New Discovery

After much searching and failed attempts the last few days, Megan discovered her hands! Her discovery was made around midnight last night.  Now, if she could discover that going to bed before 1:00 a.m. is excellent, we would have one perfect baby!

Independent Study

Adrian found a pile of alphabet worksheets. He has spent a few hours doing dot to dots, filling in the blanks and other fun worksheet pages. He shared his work with family, making sure he wrote who’s it was on the top of the paper.

This is only part of the pages he worked on.

Blueberry Eyes

When Megan went for her two month check up, the nurse called her “Blueberry Eyes”.  I have never heard that phrase but thought it was great!

Her appointment went well.  She is very healthy and growing well. I forgot to ask the nurse for all the details, but she is over 11 pounds and is about 23 inches tall.

Real Pictures

Today I went to pick up some pictures that I had taken of Megan.  I had a free coupon for a “newborn package” from a very well known company. The pictures are cute.  But I was disappointed on the cropping job. The smaller pictures are okay. But in the 8 X 10, Megan fills the whole picture, with no room for a frame.  Because her head is touching the sides, your eye moves to her clothes, not her adorable face. Now I have to go back and try to get it fixed, or have a picture that I am not too excited about.

So.  I decided to prove that I can get the picture that I want, without spending lots of money or lots of time at a fancy photography studio.  I am pretty happy with the results. Remind me this next time I want to get pictures taken somewhere! 🙂