Talking to Daddy

Daddy is out of town right now.  Everyday he calls and we talk.  Tonight, when it was Adrian’s turn, he was all ready for his important conversation.  Not only did he  have on these wonderful glasses, he changed his voice!

Hoping that Allan can find a really good English resturant that has excellent fish and chips–served in paper!–for dinner tonight.

First Day of Vacation

Allan needed to take a class for work. We got to go down to Kentucky with him.  Our first stop was to visit my brother near Indianapolis. We got to go to church with Joe and then we enjoyed walking to Dairy Queen and talking.

The kids enjoyed looking at his books and playing board games. They learned how to climb a fence! They loved all the treats Uncle Joe shared too, chips and lots of Popsicles in assorted flavors. They liked learning how to make hot chocolate on his machine. Then when we left, they enjoyed the special treats that he sent along with us–cheese popcorn, buttery microwave popcorn and soup.

Thanks Joe, for a great start to our vacation!

Seven Years Old

It is hard to believe that my little girl is seven years old today!  Audrey is such a joy to me.

She loves life! Audrey loves flowers, horses and helping me. She loves Curious George and being “momma” to her many “babies”. She enjoys running fast, being silly and teasing her siblings. She is not afraid of snakes, worms or frogs. She loves to dress up in fancy clothes and also in unique combinations that I would never think to put together but looks great on her.

Today, even though she has two pony tales, she only wanted one blue ribbon.  When asked why, she replied, “Because I am Audrey”.

I am looking forward to seeing what God has planned for my beautiful “little” girl.

All Boy

Adrian asked if he could have a candy cane for snack today.  I forgot where I put them and said yes.  Knowing where they were, Adrian helped himself to one and then got some to share.

I remembered where the candy was “hidden” in time to get a picture and help Adrian down because his hands (and mouth) were full holding the candy.

Experiments in Sepia

Yesterday I had the all kids pose for me in my favorite spring spot.

Today, I “went to school” via internet and refreshed my memory on how to change color photos to sepia.  I need a little practice, but I like how these turned out.

Enjoy the newest pictures of all the kids.