Pikes Peak and Garden of Gods

The younger two were invited to spend an evening with their cousins. So Audrey, Allan and I went hiking around the Garden of the Gods. We hoped to go again with Adrian and Megan, but the rest of our time filled up with Allan’s business trip, super hot days, visiting family and remembering Grandma.

The hike was so pretty. There were a few people on the trails, but it was mostly just us. We took time to relax and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and to enjoy a special morning with just Audrey.

Baby Mantises

A few months ago, Audrey found a praying mantis case while working in the garden.  She brought it in and for the last few weeks we have been watching for the babies to emerge.  On Saturday, Megan pointed and said “Look!”

We had missed most of the mantises emerging, but we were able to watch a few.  We then released them onto flowers and the back porch area.  Hopefully, most will survive and live to eat all the mosquitoes and other pests in the area.  We would prefer them to remember that Monarch butterflies and caterpillars are off limits.

Super Excited!

Many people have a “bucket list” of things they want to do. One of the silly ones I had, was to find morel mushrooms in the wild and get some pictures. Yes, I would like to taste them also, but finding them myself was something I have been trying to do for years!

Today, I went out with my sister and she showed me how to locate them. Lauri pointed out the first one and then I discovered a nice one! Adrian and Megan found a few each, but they were still very small, so we left them for a few days. My sister will check on them later.

Now, I want to go explore a few places that I have heard the mushrooms can be found.  I had so much fun locating these (more fun than finding Easter Eggs 🙂 ) and spending time with my sister, kids and nephew and listening to everyone excited each time they found a mushroom .  When they started saying “hush, or poachers with come”, they only got louder and sillier.

The only negative?  Discovering at least three ticks after our hunt.