A Summer Wedding

This summer, we welcomed Katie to our family! Mark and Katie were married in late July in a very small, but beautiful wedding.

I knew I did not want to take a lot of pictures; I wanted to enjoy Mark’s day. But I did ask the photographer for permission to take pictures if I promised not to get in her way. She said that was fine 🙂 I only took a few pictures during the wedding because I wanted to get a picture of Mark first saw Katie. Then I enjoyed the ceremony.

After, Audrey brought out the special gift she had for Mark. She had enough newly emerged Monarchs to share. So after Mark and Katie released a handful, she shared with others who had never held a butterfly before.

It was a very sweet wedding.

Twenty Five

Twenty five years ago today, Allan and I were married.

Allan has pushed me out of my comfort zone many times. He challenges me to try new things. He encourages me to question ideas. He lets me talk and vent and be frustrated without judgement. He makes me laugh. He lets be me, but helps me to grow. Most importantly, he loves Jesus, he loves me, and he loves the kids.

Twenty five. I love you even more Handsome!

The Artist

Audrey was drawing on the window and I wanted to get a reflection of her.  I liked the picture, but wanted it to pop just a little more.  So I started experimenting with different ideas.  Unfortunately, since I was just playing, I did not keep track of what exactly I was doing, and can not replicate it.    Guess I have to experiment some more.