Traveling with Kids

Yes, it is possible to travel with assorted sizes of “children”!

In case you are wondering what all fits in the van, we have:

  • two tents
  • seven sleeping bags
  • seven pillows
  • clothes for 9 days x 7 people (in four suitcases)
  • Water bottles for all plus extra water for refilling
  • Towels and other daily needs
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner for most meals
  • Four camp chairs
  • Cook stove and Coleman lantern
  • Footlocker full of reusable plates, cups, silverware, clothes line, clothes pegs, fuel for stove and lantern, bug spray, sun screen….
  • Snacks and treats while traveling
  • One cooler with cheese, lunch meats, pops and fresh fruits and veggies
  • Two cameras and one tripod
  • Books and activities for everyone to enjoy
  • One read out loud book we have been waiting to read

Once we have all that packed, we squeeze in two parents, three full grown (I hope) “children”, one growing-to-quickly adolescent, and an 8 year old.

It is a tight fit, but we always end up with some great memories from our drives.

Wellfield Gardens

On Friday, we decided to visit Wellfield Gardens.

We discovered new flowers. We were really enjoying the Carolina Allspice and could not find its name (could not find name plates for most of the plants this time 🙁 ). A gentleman there heard us talking and gave us a mini lecture about the shrub 🙂

We also enjoyed exploring the new children’s garden. We are looking forward to our next visit already.