Adrian has white chocolate chips in his hands. Here is his story about them.

“You can eat them.  You can plant them.  You put them in the dirt snow and they turn into seeds.  They grow into a chocolate chip tree.  The tree is blue and the chocolate chips are black!”

I found the following poem while looking for new ones for the kids to memorize.  I thought it fit very well!

Little Brother’s Secret

By Alfred A. Knopf (1924)

When my birthday was coming
Little Brother had a secret:
He kept it for days and days
And just hummed a little tune when I asked him.
But one night it rained
And I woke up and heard him crying:
Then he told me.
“I planted two lumps of sugar in your garden
Because you love it so frightfully.
I thought there would be a whole sugar tree for
your birthday.
And now it will all be melted
O the darling!