9 on 9/9

Happy to Birthday to Andrea.  She is nine years old today! Andrea loves pretty things, getting flowers from her boyfriends (she has a few very special ones), kittens, helping others, playing with her siblings and riding her bike.

Andrea is a hard worker. She loves to do things around the house.  She is learning to bake and makes wonderful cookies.

She likes school most of the time.  Reading is hard for Andrea, but she is improving a lot! She loves math.

Andrea loves to be outside.  She enjoys riding her bike and exploring the woods with her brother.  Right now they are making a fort in the woods together. Yes, they know what poison ivy looks like!

I am so thankful that God gave Andrea to our family!

One thought on “9 on 9/9”

  1. Me to, so thankful that God gave her to us. She’s growing up much to fast. Happy Birthday Andrea

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