Brotherly Love

I have trouble carrying Adrian for his “midnight bathroom break”, so Allan has been taking him.  But Allan is away for a few days.

On Sunday night, Mark was having trouble sleeping because Daddy was gone.  He crawled out of bed and took Adrian for me.  Mark could not figure out how to get Adrian back into bed, so just plopped over and Adrian crawled over him to a comfortable place.

Last night, I had given Mark permission to read in bed for a little bit.  He is reading Tolkien’s The Silmarillion. It is a collection of Tolkein’s work that his son put together after Tolkien died.  Mark is enjoying the book, but wishes it had more details in it. (I have not read the book, but it was recommended to Mark. I think his response about details is funny because it is a thick book!  He says the battle scenes are only a sentence or two long.)

When I went to get Adrian, Mark was waiting for me and jumped out of bed and helped his little brother for me!

One thought on “Brotherly Love”

  1. His daddy used to do things like that when his 4th brother was on his way. So nice to have helpful big sons! Good job, Mark!!

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