Trick or Treat Winona Lake

Josh and Angie invited us to their house to go trick or treating and then have supper. Sam and Angelique were able to come too, so we had a family Halloween party! We ended up with one pirate, a princess pirate, a Tigger Pirate, two crayons, a princess, baby Tigger and a moose (Olive was in costume also).

We did not know what to expect for trick or treating.  The kids did their normal of bringing some of their candy to share with other kids before they went out “begging” for more. As we left, we could see a few children out. Angie had two places to try and we decided to try the island. Most houses had their lights out, but the houses that were giving out candy were very generous.  The kids brought home lots of candy, most of it chocolate. One place was making fresh popcorn to share along with a big piece of candy.

Sam took Megan and was teaching her how to go trick or treating. He was able to fill her little bag with good treats. (Megan said that she did not want any candy and let Uncle Sam have her candy 🙂 !)

When we got back to Josh’s house, we enjoyed warm cider and a wonderful chili dinner. We made caramel apples. Audrey really wanted one, but discovered she could not eat it on the stick because of her teeth.

What a wonderful evening with family!