Megan Meets Santa

We have taught the kids that there is no such thing as Santa. But every year, if we see a Santa, we like to visit with him. We try to find nice looking ones –no mall Santa’s for us!

This year we took the kids to see Santa after getting our Christmas tree and taking a horse drawn hay ride.

My favorite thing about visiting Santa is what the kids ask for. This Santa almost had to beg the kids for “one thing”. They could not think of anything they wanted to ask him for. Finally they came up with some special requests.

Mark asked for snow. Andrea asked for snow. When Santa asked about her what toy, she thought hard before answering doll clothes. Audrey asked for a good Jesus’ birthday. Adrian asked for Christmas lights (he loves to drive around and look for them). Megan asked to go back to Momma.

I hope that the simple things bring you great joy this year!