First Easter

Megan enjoyed her first Easter. Just watching her, you knew she knew that she looked pretty :)  Many people at church enjoyed her hat and she had a lot of people compliment her.

We bought the shirt. Since we already had the white hat, I made the bow to match. The dress and bloomers were made by everyone. The girls learned how to sew on buttons and how to gather. They watched how to sew in the zipper, tear it out, and try it again. They also learned how to sew in the bias tape. I would say the girls (with some of Mark’s help) did 50% or more of Megan’s outfit.

It turned out wonderfully! I am really proud of all the hard work the girls did learning how to sew an outfit. I found the easiest patterns that I could, so they could do all the work. They have some butterfly material, now to find another pattern for them to work on!