Calumet Photo Shoot

It all started with a bright yellow new sweatshirt and an old building!

We were walking back to the car after exploring Calumet. Daddy had treated all the kids to either a sweatshirt or a t-shirt of their choice. Adrian saw this yellow one and fell in love with it. As soon as he was outside the store, he put it on. While Daddy was still in the store, Adrian, Allan and I walked ahead taking pictures of the town. As we passed this old building, I asked Adrian to stand against it and I got this great picture.

On the road to leave Calumet, a teenage boy accidentally hit the RV we were in.  His car was really messed up, and the RV corner was messed up. Everyone was okay, but the boy was understandably upset. Allan bought him a candy bar (and candy for everyone) and then we still had some extra time while we waited for the police to come.

I decided to take the kids back to the old building and try to get some good pictures of everyone. I would have loved some more time there to take more pictures, but Dad called saying everything was done and we could leave. 




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  1. Good pictures and I like Adrian’s shirt, brings out the wall behind him. Ha Ha

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