Megan’s Birthday

Today is Megan’s birthday. It is hard to believe that she is one already!

She does not walk yet, but is very close. Megan loves to climb, so we need to be careful to put the step stool away. She also likes to sit in small spaces. She cut another tooth yesterday so she now has her four front bottom teeth, two molars and four top teeth.

She signs please when she wants something. It is usually when I go into the freezer for something because she knows her “cookies” are there. She also signs thank you, but usually needs help to remember. She is learning to sign Daddy now too.

She is still our night owl, but we have been working on earlier bedtimes. The first time we put her to bed early, she screamed for an hour. When she quieted down and I went to check on her, she was waiting for me. She giggled and crawled to the other side of her bed like it was a game. For the next two and a half hours she quietly waited in her bed for me and giggled every time I came in to check her. I finally went to bed! The last time I checked on her, she fell asleep while I rubbed her tummy.  It was around 1:30! She is doing better, but still goes to sleep around 10:00, which is much better than midnight.

Right now she is enjoying chasing a balloon around.  Maybe that will tire her out and she will go to bed early 🙂