Today’s Smile–Learning to Lasso

It’s raining, its pouring,
kids want to play outside,
Mark threw his rope and caught his mom,
and threatened never to release her.

Mark has wanted a lasso for a awhile.  He finally got one for his birthday.  He has been practicing but rarely “catches” anything moving.

You can imagine both of our surprise when he caught me on the first try 🙂

2 thoughts on “Today’s Smile–Learning to Lasso”

  1. I love Mark. I love Momma. win Mark lasso Momma Megan started to cry.and then Mark let go of Momma.

  2. Mommy called us in and we did not want to go in. She took a picture of us so after she got ready to go in side, I lassoed her and said we would go if she would! 🙂 Then I pulled her, so she could not go inside 🙂

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