A Christmas Tree First!

We almost always cut down our own tree. For awhile we had a very realistic fake one, which is probably being enjoyed in Swaziland again this year.

We went “shopping” for our tree late this year. The timing was bad, or it rained the days we could go. We went on Saturday and thought the chance of getting a good tree would be slim.  We told the kids to watch out the window and to shout out if they saw something they liked.

Mark shouted out almost right away. I took the kids while Allan stayed in the car with sleeping Megan. We all liked the tree immediately.  Andrea told Daddy we found a tree while the rest of us roamed around just to make sure. This is the first tree we have all agreed on and had cut down in less time than it took them to shake the needles out and bind it up for us!


One thought on “A Christmas Tree First!”

  1. It looks like you all had a great time! I love going and cutting the tree down. It is such a fun tradition!

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