School Thursday–The Art of Persuasion

The first few days at the water park, Megan wanted MOMMA! She would fuss and cry unless she was very close (usually being held) by me.  I am not to fussy about most of the rides, so I was happy not to go on many. By Wednesday evening she was doing lots better, and Thursday, she was content to just be somewhere around us.

On Thursday, the kids started asking me to go with them.  “Come on Momma, it’s fun!”  “The only scary part is when you look down, and you can’t see without your glasses!”  “It’s dark most of the way, you won’t see anything.”

I raced the kids on the Cheetah race.  I yelled my way down the Swahili Swirl. Then Allan had the older kids watch Megan and he took me on the tube race.  They were not bad.  I would only do a few at time before saying that was good for now.

There were two other rides the kids thought I would like, but unfortunetly, we ran out of time. 🙂



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  1. Just like your mother, take your glasses away and you don’t have to be scared, you can’t see the scary part.

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