Sledding with Daddy

We woke up to some beautiful snow today!  We asked Allan if he wanted to come sledding with us for “an hour”.  He had a blast!

He went down the hill with each of the kids. He even took Megan down the “big” hill twice. She did not seem to enjoy it too much, but did not cry when getting on the sled to go again.

The snow was perfect for sledding. It packed down easily, but still flew up to coat the kids.  They laughed and screamed and had a lot of fun.

After sledding, Daddy treated us all out for lattes and donuts!

We then went to the health food store and the kids got free bananas because they joined the “kids club”. After that we went to visit the newest McGuire and his parents.

I am so glad that Allan had “an hour” to go sledding with us 🙂