Waterpark Hair Styles

We debated a long time on how to do the girl’s hair for the waterpark.  We knew it had to be braided, but we did not want to have to brush it out every time we swam. So, we went with a cousin recommended style. A few years ago we came to the Kalahari with Allan’s cousin’s family. Michelle planned to do her little girl’s LONG hair in little braids. So to match, we did all the girls similarly.

We took about 4 hours to put about 25 braids in each girl’s hair.  Then they have 5 pony beads at the end.  Their hair is cute, and I won’t have to do anything with it for a few days.  We slathered each braid with conditioner as we braided it and the girls take a shower to soak their braids before swimming.

They give the thumbs up to this cute and easy to care for style!

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  1. Love it!! They look so cute!! That is a great idea too. I hope you all are having a wonderful time!

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