Adrian’s Birthday Cake

I thought you might like Adrian’s version of this story.

For my birthday, I wanted a Tigger cake. First I asked for it to look like Tigger (a molded cake), then orange with brown stripes. While we were playing outside, Momma sneaked baking the cake.

When we came inside later, Daddy and Momma were teasing that Oma was bringing the cake. When Oma arrived, she did not have the cake. I was sad, but I sort of knew they were teasing. They keep on teasing me that nobody brought the cake!

Then it was time for dessert and there was cake! I said that Santa Claus brought the cake and ice cream 🙂 Momma did a good job sneaking that cake. My favorite part was eating Tigger’s tail!

One thought on “Adrian’s Birthday Cake”

  1. Fabulous!! I think you should be able to bounce the best in your family after that piece of cake! 🙂

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