Slow Going

In 2009, I started teaching Mark and Andrea how to sew 9 Patch squares.  We planned to make a Memory Quilt using denim that we had salvaged from old jeans.  They helped me sew about 12 squares.  This week I finally was able to work on putting appliqués on the first square!

Everyone had their hand traced on a material that means something. Megan’s hand is the purple of  last years Easter dresses. The orange is for Tigger, which Mark and Adrian both love.  The pink hand is Andrea’s favorite color.  Allan and Mark’s hands were traced on scraps from Great Grandma Reble’s shirts.  My hand is done from a leftover piece from our wedding.  It is intertwined with Allan’s hand, because we love to hold hands :)  The green is because all the kids are growing so fast!

The squares are far from perfect, but the three oldest have made them all.  I hope to be able to have them help me decorate the different squares, but I will do the appliqués.  It will be a special quilt, because it is about our family!

2 thoughts on “Slow Going”

  1. Joyce, your pictures are GREAT. Surely you must have had experience with a camera before this past year? I am so enjoying each of the piotures. I’ll check in on your site to see your new ones.

    Thanks, Marilyn

  2. Really really reallllly special!!! Thanks for sharing Joyce:) love ya! Kristi

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