This morning, all of the kids were up by 5:15.  The three oldest ones were heading up to Lake Ann for a week of camp! Lake Ann is a camp that teaches the Bible and provides many fun activities.

This will be Audrey’s first time at camp. Andrea loved it last year and is so excited about being able to go again.  Mark has been to a few camps, but I think he likes Lake Ann the best.

This will be the first time that they are taken to camp and then “dropped off”.  Allan is going to be helping on a project, and then he is coming home.

Please pray for the kids this week!  I am praying that they are open to what they hear and that they choose to grow because of something they learned.

3 thoughts on “Camp”

  1. Wow after seeing your parents anniversary picture I see that Mark really looks a lot like your dad!

  2. Cardin and Casteel are excited too!! I am praying…been praying…will continue praying:) your girls arrived this morning telling me mama was home crying already..with huge smiles across their faces.

  3. I always had such an ‘odd’ feeling when I dropped the boys at camp and left them there.

    That picture really shows how Mark has shot up. Sure hope they sleep tonight! 🙂

    Always praying for them.

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