A Day in the Life…

Today Megan is 23 months old. It is hard to believe that she is almost two!

She had a very busy day today.  This morning she helped the big kids in school.  She especially liked snuggling next to Andrea and doing Bible with her.  Megan learned during “recess” that she could walk across the railing and back.

Then she decided she was “Megan puppy.” She crawled into Flopsy’s crate and closed the door. Then she barked and made dog noises.

After lunch, stories and and nap, she was ready to go again.

We went outside for a braai, and she followed Adrian around playing in the woods. When Adrian helped Daddy with the fire, she sat and watched them.

Finally, it was time to settle down. She sat next to Flopsy and enjoyed watching everyone else play.

After eating most of Daddy’s favorite potato salad, she was ready to snuggle with Momma. After getting her teeth brushed, she happily headed off to bed. She knows she needs a good sleep in order to play hard again tomorrow.