One, Two!

 Megan is two years old now. We celebrated her birthday while at camp. It was a very unique birthday for her!

She got to do some of her favorite camp activities; ride a bike and explore the rocks by the water.  Because camp was over and the pop house wanted to share leftovers instead of throwing them away, she also able to pick her own lunch, which turned out to be ice cream, nacho chips, a slushy, and a cone without ice cream. I discovered what all she ate after she enjoyed them and when she refused to eat a “normal” lunch.

Megan is starting to talk more.  She is starting two word sentences, but knows only one two syllable word – ice cream.  She is also learning to count.  She surprised us on the ferry counting cars, and getting to five! She knows a few colors and loves to ask what color she is coloring with.

Happy Birthday Megan.  You are a wonderful little girl.  I love you very much!